scipy.special in R19?

I've been having trouble getting Scipy working in C4D R19. I got pip installed and it seemed to install scipy successfully, but then it failed to import (it knew scipy existed, it was giving me some different error). I also tried using the R18 version of autopack (there doesn't seem to be an R19 version?), and it seems to work, partially, but when I try to import scipy.special, I get this in the Python console:

alt text

Is there anything I can do to fix it? Has anybody been able to import scipy.special in C4D? If so, how?

Hi @johntravolski,

thank you for reaching out to us. I unfortunately have to point out that 3rd party library support is not being provided by us, as declared in our Forum Guidelines. You are however more then welcome to discuss this topic with the community.

That being said, ufuncs is a numpy library that encapsulates common important functions used in numpy in a C library and somewhat known to sometimes cause hiccups when your numpy installation is "out of sync" with your os. This is probably here caused by mismatching versions of numpy and scipy. At least this would be my first guess. We unfortunately can provide no further support on this.


MAXON SDK Specialist