NodeData: How to get connected GeListNode

  • Hello.
    I'm currently searching for a way to retrieve the GeListNode instance from within a custom method of a NodeData plugin. Similar to C++ Get()

    Inherited functions come with a node parameter, but there doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve the connected ListNode in custom functions?

    Am I overseeing something?

  • Hi @mp5gosu.

    There is no such Get method in python, however normally all methods to override in a NodeData and derived classes should expose the current BaseList2D instance, so you just need to forward it.
    Maybe a method is missing this BaseList2D instance if yes could you point it to us?


  • Thought so.
    No, there's nothing missing in inherited methods. Thought, it'd be convenient. However, storing it to a member variable on init or forwarding does the trick.

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