Is there a Resource Editor for Version 23

Hi guys,
I am pretty new to coding but I want to learn a bit of Plugin Programming in Cinema 4D. I have basic knowledge of the Api and some experience in scripting with C4D.
But I ask you guys if there is a resource editor for R23. The one which is downloadable doesn´t work with R23???

Sincerely Thomas

Hi Thomas, I'm sad to confirm that at the moment there is no updated version of ResEdit for R23.

Cheers, Riccardo

And how can I now make a plugin, if there is no "Resedit". I am new, sorry 🙂 do I have to code the interface now manually , how to I get now the resedit header file or what this is called?? I am so interested in this topic, I have to learn a lot, I know.....but...

Interfaces are typically defined using resource files:

ResEdit was just an option to edit a specific type to resource files. You find example resource files in the example project:

Thanks a lot, this also works for Python Plugins or?

Thanks man...