Formula node

is it possible to add all possible outputs of aggregate node (average, sum, ...) directly, not as an option?
Like in a Build node.
There are more nodes to enhance, arithmetic, ...

And I would appreciate a new node, something like Formula node.
One or more inputs.
One or more outputs.
Each output with formula.
Result is a declared function: Result = fx(Input1, Input2, ..., Inputn).
For example Result = Input1 + (Input2 - Input1)/3.

TIA, miro novak


thanks for reaching us out and welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately, as you can read in our guidlines the scope of this forum is the Cinema 4D's API only. (developing for cinema4D with c++ and python)

For other support case/request/suggestion, please contact our regular support

I have to remind you that the scene node is still a demo of what we are working on and is still very young.
I also have to remind you that the node system is a base where you can create your own assets. Because it's still at a young stage, the node system is changing a lot and your asset could not be compatible anymore with futur release.

In your example you can simply create an asset with different aggregate nodes that output all the function you need.

In any case, your feedback is appreciated and helpful.


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