BaseDraw::DrawHUDText() - setting color ?

  • I am trying to draw colored text with BaseDraw::DrawHUDText().
    Using BaseDraw::SetPen() before, has no effect.

    Is there any way to draw text with custom color using DrawHUDText funcrtion ?


  • hi,

    there's no direct function for that but you can retrieve the color parameter of BaseDraw using GetParameter

    An example of a python tag that could display the text: It will work the same with C++.
    here I'm not using GetParameter but you get the idea :)

    import c4d
    def draw(bd):
        savedColor = bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_TEXTCOLOR]
        savedBG = bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKCOLOR]
        savedOpacity = bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKOPACITY]
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_TEXTCOLOR]= c4d.Vector(1,0,0)
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKCOLOR]= c4d.Vector(0,1,0)
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKOPACITY] = 0.1
        bd.DrawHUDText(50, 50, "my text")
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_TEXTCOLOR]= savedColor
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKCOLOR]= savedBG
        bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_HUD_BACKOPACITY] = savedOpacity
    def main():
        pass  #put in your code here

    you can also have a look at this thread where you will find some useful informations on how to display a texture on the viewport (and some text on it)


  • Works like a charm!
    It's much more flexible than I hoped;)

    Thanks a lot!

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