Content Browser and StrNotFound

  • I installed (R23) our plugin (MeshBoolean), but now the File entry of the Content Browser gives a "StrNotFound".
    In R20 it was ok.
    The console shows no warnings or errors.
    Choosing another layout or another Node Space does not help.


    But you can still select the 'File' option.

  • hi,

    Hard to say without more informations.
    this menu entry is using the Symbol BROWSER_FILE_MENU define inside the file : resource\modules\browser\c4d_symbols.h and the str file in resource\modules\browser\strings_en-US\c4d_strings.str
    the id should be 10002.

    Did you tried to run c4d with the console open to see if there's any error message ?


  • Ok, I found out that the issue is in "c4d_symbols.h"
    There I defined FILE = 1010011.
    After removing the FILE definition, it was ok again.
    Setting FILE = 10002 did not solve the issue.

    So removing it and defining FLE somewhere else, will be ok.

    ResBasedMenu =  101001,
    MY_CHECKBOX  =  101002,
    CURR_SIZE_STR = 101003,
    NEW_X =         101004,
    NEW_Y =         101005,
    NEW_Z =         101006,
    MY_TEXTBOX =    101007,
    BUTTON_CANCEL = 101008,
    BUTTON_OK =     101009,
    BUTTON_RESET =  1010010,
    // FILE =          1010011,
    // FILE =          10002,
    MYBITMAPBUTTON =1010012,
    IDC_CUSTOM1 = 1010013,

  • hi,

    i was saying not to use the same ID (in case of conflict)

    But it seems that there's no conflict neither with the symbol name or the symbol ID.
    A bit strange.


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