Looking for Python dev


I need a workflow script that duplicates a selected animated joint chain and bakes all the joints of the new chain as an exact copy outside of the hierarchy. If you think you can do it please contact me. As an user you would do it manually like this:

  • Select top Joint
  • Duplicate joint chain in OM
  • Apply Retarget Tag or R23 Character Definition Tag
  • Bake Joints of new Chain
  • Create Motion Clip on new Chain

Contact: chn3d(...at..)email(..dot..)de


The reason behind this workflow is that C4D cannot bake a motion clip with an animated pivot object to keyframes on the joints. When baking C4D ignores the pivot position changes for the joints. This is a problem when exporting a character via fbx so everytime several extra steps are needed. So I use this workaround shown in the file.

Motion Clip Baking.c4d

@Maxon people: I know 3 other peple who also had this issue. I also made a feature request. Please implement a consideration of the pivot object in motion clip baking

Thanks @ceen for reaching out to us.

I'll make aware Maxon ppl responsible for the animation area about your request and leave it, for the time being, to community on offering support.

Best, Riccardo

@r_gigante Thank you!