Solved Setting volume as dirty doesn't refresh in S22 or R23.

I have a VolumeObject that is returned as a call to GetVirtualObjects.

Inside GetVirtualObjects I load in a new vdb file from disk and call the following...



This work for R20 and R21. But not in S22 or R23.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Is there some other flag I need to set to make the viewport detect a change to the VolumeObject and make it update?

How does the VolumeLoader update the viewport when it loads in a new VDB? I will need to do the same thing for my Object.

What flags does the VolumeLoader set when it is registered? Perhaps I need to add a new flag?


Hi @kbar I'm able to reproduce the issue and I've opened a new bug report about it.
The only workaround is to return a new VolumeObject each time.