How to Plugin Distribution

How do I deploy Python scripts using Sublimtext?

It contains an external library, so I don't know how to distribute it.

I want to automatically display the icon when I put it in the plug-in folder of C4D.

I've never distributed it. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it one by one.

HI @Taegi,

welcome to the forum and the Cinema 4D development community! Thank you for reaching out to us, but unfortunately it is a bit unclear to me what you are asking for. For future postings please also make sure to use the tagging feature of the forum, to describe the programming environment, the version(s) of Cinema 4D and the operating system environment(s) of your problem. I am assuming here you are on Python and R23.

It is also noteworthy that we cannot offer support on third party tools or libraries (e.g. SublimeText). It also not quite clear to us what you mean by deploy or distribute. To make icons for a plugin "appear" in Cinema, you will have to register said plugin with Cinema. The functions for that can be found in the C++ and Python docs. If you think we misunderstood your question, specifically regarding it being within or without the scope of support we can offer here, we would kindly ask you to elaborate in more detail what you are trying to do. You are of course welcome to ask and discuss questions related to tools for Cinema 4D development with the community here, but we would ask then to put such questions into the GENERAL PROGRAMMING & PLUGIN DISCUSSIONS in the future (I Have moved your topic for you there).


@thecheesy1 said in How to Plugin Distribution:

i am new user so please explain me how to ?

hi and welcome to our forum.
I would suggest to open your own thread for posting your own question. Please follow our guidelines to ask your question. You will also find, in our guideline, the scope of the support team. (How to distribute your plugins isn't in the scope)
@zipit answer is pretty clear in my opinion and your question is so vague that we can't answer it. If you need any information, please be more precise.