SOLVED CallCommand Select Connected is not working on R22

Just found that the python API command

c4d.CallCommand(12557) # Select Connected

In Cinema 4D R22-23 in UV Editing Mode is not working as expected. Selects all UV polygons, instead polygons on a same UV island like on previous versions. Any idea how to fix that?


The command is checking where you mouse cursor is, or what was the last manager to be active. If you use the regular command (U~W) you will have different result depending on where your mouse cursor is.

It's the same for the CallCommand. So if you drag and drop the script manager icon to a palette, you will be able to execute the command and got the same result.

Another workaround is to open a UV windows before calling the command.


This will make the UV manager to be the last active windows and your command will work as expected. But you will not be able to close that windows.

I'll send an email to our devs to see if it's intended or not, specially when you are have UVMode activated.


Thank you @m_magalhaes !