Solved WARNING: Unknown baselist allocator


occasionally, I get this output in XCode's Debug Output window:

/Volumes/Branches/build_osx/osx-4-release/depot/release/20.0/modules/c4dplugin/source/src/christian/ge_register.cpp(244): WARNING: Unknown baselist allocator - RegID: OBJECT

Are there typical causes for this?

The plugin works fine, the warning doesn't seem to point to anything critical, but I'd still like to get rid of it.

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Hi @fwilleke80, looking at our code base this statement is no more active in recent versions of Cinema.

What accompanies the code is Change to WarningOutput as Installer needs to run without objects module but, honestly, given the vague description is hard to further comment and being it R20 it doesn't allows us to invest more time on it.

Cheers, R

I totally understand. Just wanted to know if it maybe points to something terribly dangerous. I'll just ignore it, then ;-)

Only asking personal code questions here.