Solved Does QUANTIZE_GRID actually do anything?


looking through the snap settings (c4d.modules.snap), I find the option QUANTIZE_GRID, which is described as "Set quantize move step to use the grid size."
At least that's mentioned (four times) on the page
On the other hand, on the page
this constant is not mentioned.

And in fact, setting it to some value doesn't seem to change anything in the GUI or the C4D behavior. Nor is there any corresponding checkbox in the modeling settings.

Is that value just not used, not used any more, or am I just unable to see how it is applied? (Quantize is enabled of course.)

Hi @Cairyn,

thank you for reaching out to us. I can confirm that the c4d.QUANTIZE_GRID symbol is not used anymore internally in C++ aside from being defined. In Python the docs have not been updated properly, we will fix that in a future release. The major reason behind that is that Cinema does not have anymore a fixed world grid, so this mode is not really possible anymore.

I have reached out to the development team to ask if we can also remove the symbol in C++ or if there is a reason why it still lingers.

Thanks for pointing this out,


MAXON SDK Specialist

Thanks for the confirmation.

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