SOLVED R23 update time?

I want to know when the next version of R23 will be released. At present, many functions of R23.008 are not perfect.

Hi @MUR-弑疑 , see this post.

Cheers, R

Hi @MUR-弑疑, we don't have any date to share at the moment. Rest assured that you'll be promptly notified via the standard channels.

Best, Riccardo

Hi @MUR-弑疑 , see this post.

Cheers, R

Is the download link somewhere on that page? If so, I can't find it.
The update is definitely not listed in the online updater.

Hi @fwilleke80,

you can find the installers here.

edit: There will be no updater for R23.008, for R23.110 you will have to use the full installer.


Perfect, thank you, @zipit !

Are plugins binary compatible with 23.008 and 23.110? Or will a plugin compiled against 23.008 crash in 23.110 (or vice versa)?


Hi @fwilleke80, plugins compiled with R23.008 are compatible with R23.110.
But the other way is not working (as it was always been the case with SP release).


Thanks! 👍