Solved Iterate over the View/Hotspots of Visual Selector Tag


Is there a way to iterator over the view/hotspots of the visual selector tag?
According to this thread, it is not possible. But perhaps, there were updates?

When you move the visual selector to another document, the link field will be lost. My use-case is to automate "inputting" the link field to every hotspots. Something like this:

for hotspot in hotposts:
    hotspot_name = hotspot.GetName()
    hotspot_obj = doc.SearchObject(hotspot_name) 



Nothing have been done in that direction.

As a suggestion, you should have a look at the interaction tag, there are two good example in our documentation.

Also, if you have access to them in our R23 library, you should have a look at how our last Toon Character Rigg is done.
Those modern rigg are using control inside the viewport.(and user datas). Specially if you use the filter for your selection (selection -> filter) and allow only for your controller to be selected.

Also our Character system is pretty good (maybe not the easiest) and you can hide some of your hierarchy to only show your controller.

The Visual Selector is really old and i (maybe wrongly) feel that even a visual selector is "old school".


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Thanks for the response, especially for the visual selector being old, as currently I find it buggy.
I check the interaction tag example files here:

The main limitation I have found of it is I can only select one control at a time.
I can't drag and select controls like that of visual selector tag. Correct me if I'm wrong.


This is a limitation you also have with the visual selector or i missed something ?
For selecting multiple object (fingers for example) you can use the Selection Object
A double click on it will select all the object on its list;

I just played a bit with the Interaction tag. You should look at the "script" part of it, there's interesting function called when the object is selected/highlighted etc.
I never pushed the possibilities too far.


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RE: This is a limitation you also have with the visual selector

Not really. You can multiple select hotspots and/or controllers in the visual selector.

Anyhow, thanks for the response. I guess there is no way around this.