"Current Take" doesn't override layer processes that made by scripting

  • hi,

    I change layer properties via script and I need current take override those layer processes. But when I changed a property via scripting current take can't see any changins and does not override any data.

    How can I do that?


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    About your question the take system is not automatic for scripts.

    You can have a look at our example in python
    Using Autotake
    Other example about takes
    How to create layers

    Based on those example i came with this test that is working as expected. Using AutoTake. You have to pass to the function two object that will be compared.
    So before doing the change, make a clone of your object.

    But you can also write parameter directly on the take itself. (see above links)

    import c4d
    def main():
        rootLayers = doc.GetLayerObjectRoot()
        if rootLayers is None:
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to retrieve the Root Layer.")
        layer = rootLayers.GetDown()
        if layer is None:
            raise ValueError("layer is None")
        layerClone = layer.GetClone(c4d.COPYFLAGS_0)
        # Changes the radius of the sphere in scene
        layer[c4d.ID_LAYER_VIEW] = False
        # Gets the TakeData from the active document (holds all information about Takes)
        takeData = doc.GetTakeData()
        if takeData is None:
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to retrieve the take data.")
        # Checks if there is some TakeData and the current mode is set to auto Take
        if takeData and takeData.GetTakeMode() == c4d.TAKE_MODE_AUTO:
            # Retrieves the active Take
            currentTake = takeData.GetCurrentTake()
            # If there is an active Take, automatically generate a Take based on the difference between op and undoObject
            if currentTake:
                currentTake.AutoTake(takeData, layer, layerClone)
            # Pushes an update event to Cinema 4D
    if __name__ == '__main__':

    If you have any question, feel free to ask.


  • thank you for your help.

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