SOLVED Priority Delay on Stacking Skin Deformers

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RE: You can add an expression based operator between two skindeformer.
I'm not sure I understand, isn't the Python Tag I used already the expression based operator between two skindeformer

Sorry i mean "you can't add" the negation is important on that case.


Ah gotcha. I guess there is no way around this, yet.

Thanks for the confirmation.


Any update on this one on the latest release (S24)?

it's still a limitation.


Thanks for the response. Will close this thread for now.

@m_magalhaes Hello! I just want to add to this and say that this limitation is REALLY holding back C4D for rigging and thereby character animation. I would very much hope that the developers will allow the Skin Deformer's Priority to be set. It is my understanding that the Neutron node-based version of C4D will not have Priorities (THANK GOD!) but I don't know how long we will have to wait to be able to use it for character rigging.

Hi, @m_magalhaes & the rest,
Joints & skins work a bit differently than setting priorities in the usual way..
Basically, only the first line changes @ the "declaration" of pd.

Hope this helps, Jochem

for item in items: # .. a list with objects or tags..
	# prioGeneric
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_MODE, 4) # 4 = Generators (as an example..)
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_PRIORITY, 412)

for j in joints: # .. a list with joints..
	# prioJoints
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_MODE, 4)
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_PRIORITY, 413)

for s in skins: # .. a list with skins..
	# prioSkins
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_MODE, 4)
	pd.SetPriorityValue(c4d.PRIORITYVALUE_PRIORITY, 414)

Hmmm… some extra notes: Although it’s possible to change the priority of skin deformers - it’s of no use.
The documentation states that priorities only will be applied if the “Force” option under “Include” is turned on.
But that’s not for polygon objects.

So in my case, I wanted to set skin deformers after dynamics had been applied, but that’s a no-go.
The only alternative I found was to add an extra pythonTag (Gen.412), which updated all meshes.
This means that on render time all works well, but in the viewport it will still lag 1 frame 😞

Hello @jochemdk,

thank you for reaching out to us. I am not sure if your postings are questions, please remember to open a new thread for questions of your own. @m_magalhaes is also currently on vacation, so he will not respond here any time soon.

Thank you for your understanding,

Hi @ferdinand, I was working on a similar topic, trying to change the prio of skin deformers to "after dynamics"... (didn't want to start a new thread, thx for replying anyway:)


for me you still have the issue of priority. Does it solve the problem?


Hi @m_magalhaes,

No there's still a problem, but for now it seams to be unsolvable.. It would be nice if C4D would allow for priority changes on the skin deformer - for polygon objects.