R23 usd/tbb version

  • Hello,

    R23 usd.module includes a tbb dynamic library.
    What is the tbb version compiled?

    I'm having a problem loading my own usd dylib, the issue is described in detail here.
    One suspicion is that my tbb version is different from Maxon's.


  • @rsodre I use statically compiled version of TBB in my own plugins and do not have any problems at all on both windows and OSX.

    But you do need to make sure that you are compiling TBB using the exact same compiler version (and on windows the same toolset) otherwise it will not work and you may then have the problems you are seeing.

  • Use this version of TBB on OSX: https://github.com/wjakob/tbb

    It has been updated to allow you to create statically compiled libraries using CMake.

  • Thanks @kbar ,

    We use tbb for a long time and never had problems, only now with usd. I'll try what you say.

    I'm not even sure if tbb is the problem, but would be helpful to know which version is used bt Maxon's usd.


  • @rsodre do you still have problems if you statically compile TBB? I can see how you would have problems if you tried to load a dylib, since it may try to use the one used by USD and not be compatible. But statically compiling and linking it directly to your own plugin should avoid those problems. It did for me.

  • Hi Roger, I've checked with our developers and I've been confirmed that our USD uses TBB 2019 u3.

    Best, R

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