MCOMMAND JOIN Polygon max limit ?

  • Whenever I use the mesh/connect command on several objects in the OM exceeding 100 million polygons, the resulting merged object is empty/ zero poly.

    Is there a hard/soft limit on the polygon amount the MCOMMAND Join command can handle internally?



  • hi,

    Even using the UI and a simple "connect" the bug is there. I didn't try with code but that would doesn't change anything.
    I've opened a bug report. Thanks a lot.

    I'm afraid that for now, there's nothing to do. Unless to create your own "connect" function by reading the informations from the first object and append those to the second one.

    If there's only polygon information, that's pretty easy. If you want to connect the point information, the uvs, the material applied etc etc... that's doable but another story.


  • Thanks for confirming, Manuel.

    Currently this is a showstopper for me unfortunately.

    I also get odd results when loading these geometries in R23.

  • @uglykids said in MCOMMAND JOIN Polygon max limit ?:

    I also get odd results when loading these geometries in R23.

    if you found some issu using cinema4D, you can report them to our support:
    That always help to identify bugs or limitations.

    If it's related to our API, than you can contact us :)


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