Cinema 4D R23 / macOS - pip install broken

Fellow developers,

in Cinema 4D R23.008 and only on macOS, it has been discovered an unexpected behaviour that causes the installation of a module via pip to crash.

We apologise for any inconvenience it might cause and we'll keep you post on its resolution.

The Maxon SDK Team

has this been addressed in R23 SP1 release?


nope, sorry it's still there on R23 sp1.


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Fixed in S24 ;)

Very funny for all R23 Perpetual Liscense owners that it's fixed in S24. In the past, before this Subscription Model, Maxon even released version updates and bug fixes for the previous version when new version came out ... but now the buyers of the full licenses are simply left to their fate . It feels like that


Hi @ThomasB, so far SDK fixes or SDK related issues like this one were never backported to older version. We are sorry if this bother you, but this is how it was and how it will be handled in the future.



sorry, for bumping this thread.

With the new S26 I have again problems installing pip in C4D's python on MacOS (Big Sur, x86).
Funnily so, it works in c4dpy, but then the modules are only available in c4dpy, not inside C4D (probably expected).

But when trying to do the same with C4D's python, regardless, if I try to use or .../python --ensure-pip -default-pip I end up with "Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable" as the main error and then in the following something along the lines "User base directory is not specified". The latter sounds a bit like, I could maybe simply specify a user base directory somehow?

In R25 for example it worked nicely.

Sorry, if this a stupid question. Pretty sure, I overlooked something in the docs somewhere.

Cheers and thanks for any help in advance,