Can't add plugin name into cinema4d

  • Dear fellows, I'm trying to write my first plugin in c++.
    I followed instructions, and with the help of the projecttool created the plugin folders.

    I managed to create a plugin that draws a cube in viewpoirt.
    Even more, my plugin has its own logo.tif in the r21 <extensions menu> in cinema4d r21, but it has a blank space instead of a name.

    As far as I understand the name comes from the file myplugin/res/strings_en-US/c4d_strings.str

    I created this folder and c4d_strings.str file with

    IDS_MYPLUGIN "Make Cube";

    Here is my registration line in the myplugin.cpp

    RegisterCommandPlugin(1054040, GeLoadString(IDS_MYPLUGIN), 0, AutoBitmap("icon.tif"_s), "MyPlugin"_s, NewObjClear(MyPlugin));

    However, the name of the plugin is still missing in the extentions menu in c4d.
    What do I do wrong?


    I'm newbe in c++ and had only python experience before.
    I use vs 2019

  • hi,

    welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching us out.

    I'm a bit surprised that you have a blank space. If the string cannot be found you should have something like "str_notfound"

    IDS_MYPLUGIN must be defined in your c4d_symbols.h
    something like this.

    	// string table definitions
    	IDS_MYPLUGIN = 10000,

    i don't see anything that could lead to this kind of "error"

    No message from VS2019 ? (in the ouput tab)

    Could you share your plugin directory in a zip file ? (you can use our mail box if you don't want to share it in public


  • @m_magalhaes
    Thank you for a quick reply!
    I'm sorry, I made an idiotic mistake. I simply didn't add
    the following piece of code:

    case C4DPL_INIT_SYS:
    		// load resources defined in the the optional "res" folder
    		if (!g_resource.Init())
    			return false;
    		return true;

    in the main.cpp

    Thanks, again.
    I hope my next questions will have more sense.
    It should be an architecture plugin in the end :)

  • hi,
    don't worry, I've made this one several times.

    Feel free to ask questions as you go it needed.


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