Solved r23 console

The console on the r23 does not seem to work. A simple print("Hello world") (with brackets !) shows nothing ...

on macos 10.13.6

(There is no tag r23 !)

Hmm, works fine here.
macOS 10.15.6

Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 20.39.39.jpg
Only asking personal code questions here.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to reinstall Cinema4d ...

I reinstalled Cinema4D and everything works, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @oli_d glad the re-installation fix the issue, however first of all this is an unknown issue, but last week someone experienced the same issue C4D R21.207 Console don't do anything.

Since no bugfix was done in this direction since R21.207 and R23.008 I think you experienced the same issue. However, we still can't reproduce it.

So we are wondering:

  1. Did you copy-paste some preference files within the R23 preference folder from a previous version?
  2. Did it work initially on R23.008 and from a day to another it stopped working?
  3. Do you have any plugin installed?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Maxime,
I just installed the r23 on my laptop (macos 10.13.6) and I have exactly the same problem.

I didn't copy/past preference
It never worked
I haven't any plugin installed
it doesn't work neither in the console nor inside the CommandLine
The Cinema 4D Installation path does not contains unicode character (/Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R23/Cinema
I tried to copy/paste the Cinema 4D installation directory to another place, without success
If I install python plugins they work

I'm going to wait a bit before trying to reinstall, to see if we can identify the problem ...

Hi, just a side note I should have realized but the minimal OSX version requirements is 10.14 see System Requierements.

This could come from here but we are not 100% sure.

Hi Maxime,
thanx for the prompt response.
I try to update macos and keep you informed

I confirm that with versionn 10.15.6 it works.

Once again thank you very much Maxime for your availability and quick answers!

Best regards