SOLVED PySide2 for Python 2.7 Windows Version?


Thanks for the response! Yea, I guess there is no way around it unless its officially supported.
Just got off on a Maya job and discovered PySide2 and it was joy to work with. I can use the QtDesigner to build the layout and just focus more on the backend tasks.


@zipit said everything 🙂

I'm agree with you, creating UI is time consuming and we know that any tool to help in that direction would be really appreciate.



Thanks for the response. Here's hoping that PySide2 gets supported on later version.

Trolltech officially does not support pyside2 for py27 Win.

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Hi @iluxa7k

I see you managed to get PySide2 working in C4D... I'm struggling to get it working - could you provide a little info on how you managed it?


Hi @ph1lh00k,

what is your approach to installing it? Are you using pip and on which OS are you? pip is still not delivered with Cinema's Python, but now supported in R23 (but for macOS it is broken at the moment). To install it, you have to first download and then run it with c4dpy and the command line (make sure to have admin rights in the app):

cd c:\program files\maxon\R23 # or where ever your cinema r23 is sitting
c:\Program Files\Maxon\R23>c4dpy %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\ # assuming you saved get-pip to your desktop

then you can install via pip pySide, which gave me the following output.

c:\Program Files\Maxon\R23>c4dpy -m pip install `PySide2`
Collecting PySide2
  Downloading PySide2-5.15.2-5.15.2-cp35.cp36.cp37.cp38.cp39-none-win_amd64.whl (136.3 MB)
     |â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^| 136.3 MB 6.4 MB/s
Collecting shiboken2==5.15.2
  Downloading shiboken2-5.15.2-5.15.2-cp35.cp36.cp37.cp38.cp39-none-win_amd64.whl (2.3 MB)
     |â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^â-^| 2.3 MB 6.4 MB/s
Installing collected packages: shiboken2, PySide2
  WARNING: The scripts pyside2-designer.exe, pyside2-lupdate.exe, pyside2-rcc.exe and pyside2-uic.exe are installed in 'c:\Program Files\Maxon\R23\resource\modules\python\libs\python37.win64.framework\Scripts' which is not on PATH.
  Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location.
Successfully installed PySide2-5.15.2 shiboken2-5.15.2

Which is somewhat what I expected to happen, due to c4dpy not being on PATH and also deviating from the python.exe signature. You can try to duct-tape this into place, but PySide2 is not supported by us, so you are unfortunately on your own here.


Just to add some extra information, but PySide being a Qt port, this is not 100% supported by Cinema 4D (while you can make it working) Qt may interfere with the usual Cinema 4D interface and you will need to find Cinema 4D specifics workaround for doing usual Qt things.

So I just warn you Qt is not officially supported by Cinema 4D.


Thanks @ferdinand @m_adam ,

I was hoping it would be straight forward as I have an existing tool built in PySide2 that I need to port to C4D... Guess I'll just have to build from scratch using the c4d GUI module. ={


@ph1lh00k said in PySide2 for Python 2.7 Windows Version?:

Hi @iluxa7k

I see you managed to get PySide2 working in C4D... I'm struggling to get it working - could you provide a little info on how you managed it?


Hello Phil
Currently i stopped using of cinema4d, switch to flexible Blender. Remove any data for c4d content.

For that case, i implemented injection-methods code from several topics at autodesk's beta forum for 3dsmax. That's all

Hey @iluxa7k ,

You mind giving us more info on how you achieved PySide2 within C4D R22 and under? I've tried, many methods, but I keep getting "DLL load failed". At this point, I'm hoping to pay someone to figure this out for us.

Hello @bentraje,

without any further questions, we will consider this posting as solved by Wednesday and flag it accordingly.


Hi @ferdinand

Sorry for the late response. Sure sure. Let's close this thread.

Hello @bentraje,

no need to be sorry and thanks for closing it 🙂