PySide2 for Python 2.7 Windows Version?

  • Hi,

    Have anyone tried using PySide2 for C4D?
    Just wondering if you have the PySide2 for Python 2.7 Windows Version, which will for C4D R21 and below.

    The official repository only have Linux and Mac versions


  • Hi,

    there are of course also Windows versions of Qt and its official Python bindings, just look into your link.

    The problem is that pyside2 requires pip to be installed in its recommended way like most of Python's 3rd party libraries these days. Cinema's Python does not have the pip tool and package included. This in turn will make it quite hard, if not impossible, to install pyside2 on c4dpy, because you would have to handle all the dependencies and setup procedures that are embedded within the pyside2 wheel (the installation file).

    If I was hellbent on using an external GUI, I would probably look into tkinter, Python's default GUI. tkinter however, has also been removed from c4dpy. So you would have to (manually) reinstall this one too, but you would probably have a better time trying to, because tkinter has no external dependencies except the binaries it comes with, i.e. is less complex than pyside2.

    I think Maxon said at some point, that they did remove tkinter, because they wanted to disencourage the usage of GUI frameworks other than their own. You can make of that statement what you want, but I want to stress, that there is no guarantee that it is technically possible to get tkinter running on c4dpy. Or in other words: It might not only have been a strategic decision to remove that package, but also a technical one.


  • @zipit

    Thanks for the response! Yea, I guess there is no way around it unless its officially supported.
    Just got off on a Maya job and discovered PySide2 and it was joy to work with. I can use the QtDesigner to build the layout and just focus more on the backend tasks.

  • hi,

    @zipit said everything :)

    I'm agree with you, creating UI is time consuming and we know that any tool to help in that direction would be really appreciate.


  • @m_magalhaes

    Thanks for the response. Here's hoping that PySide2 gets supported on later version.

  • Hello
    Trolltech officially does not support pyside2 for py27 Win.

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