Do not delete your posts once you get an answer

Yesterday I helped someone out with a question. Now they have marked it as deleted. The only reason I would help out on this forum is to help everyone and add to the knowledge pool here in this forum.

So please... do NOT delete your post if you received the answer you were looking for.

I'm really sorry that I deleted that post. I just tried to find it back, but I can't find it. I'll never make the same mistake again.(and sorry about my bad English):confused:

No worries @gheyret. I wasn't pointing you out in particular, I have just noticed it happen in the past as well so just wanted to put out a general reminder to all. Sometimes people spend quite a bit of time researching to come up with the answers, and we then may even want to look back and find our own posts to remind ourselves of something later down the line.

Maybe one of the Admins can re-enable your post.


Just in case I re-enabled your topic @gheyret :)

Thank you @m_adam :beers: