Solved Problem with TreeViewFunctions.HeaderClick in c4d r20, 21 22

Hi everyone,
The TreeViewFunctions.HeaderClick method works very well with r19, but since r20 not at all. I get an error message "SystemError: NULL object passed to Py_BuildValue".
I tested with Niklas's code (thanks to him ! ) :

(Tested with r19-> ok, r20, r21, s22-> not ok )

Hi @oli_d , thankk for reaching out us

We have been able to reproduce the issue and we'll look into it to get it fixed in the future.

Cheers, R


Since R20, arguments have been added, and the problem is coming from the last one :)

  def HeaderClick(self, root, userdata, lColID, lChannel, bDblClk, mouseX, mouseY, ua):

I've opened a bug report


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