Solved Creating a Python Script box

I'd like to create a Script box with Python syntax & c4d symbol highlighting for my plugin similar to the one found in the Python & Visual Selector tags. Is this possible? I didn't see it listed in c4d.gui. If it isn't possible, how could I offer the user a way to add their own code? Thank you!



I am not quite sure what you mean by symbol highlighting. Do you mean syntax highlighting? That is achieved by a MULTILINEEDIT with the SYNTAXCOLOR flag. But this will only give you an edit box with nice highlighting, any evaluation would have to be done by yourself. How this could be done, I have shown here in a slightly different context.


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except what @zipit said, there's nothing outof the box that you can use in our API to do it.
You have to come with your own solution.

Remotion have create such a tool few years ago:

I would say that it's not really hard to do, it's just long and during the path you are walking to build such a tool, you could find some walls that you didn't expect ^^'

I would start using the function GetDParameter, check the content and change the color of some words accordingly.


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