Solved Using "config" plugins to modify the loading queue in R19

Hi all,

I want to use a "config" plugins to read the loading queue in R19. A QueryStartupOrder() function works well in R20 and R21, but it seems like that it is not supported in R19. So, is there a way around it? Thanks!

You can use SetPluginPriority to tell your plugins to load in a specific order. IE tell some plugins to load after others have been loaded. Useful in cases where one of your plugins may register a library that your other plugins need to access as they start up.

Problem solved! Thank you!

Hi @hazzzel, thanks for reaching out us.

The QueryStartupOrder() has been introduced in R20 and there's no way to call it on previous releases.
As suggested by @kbar , you're instead supposed to make use of the SetPluginPriority() as shown in the Plugin Functions Manual / Priority section to properly specify the plugin priority and control the loading time.

Cheers, R