Alembic Export Options Not Working

  • Hi,


    I am attempting to make an automated Alembic thinking particle exporter, and I have run into an issue where setting the export options does not work.

    Copying directly from the dev example here:

    and only changing a few of the export options. Script does not work properly, as the resulting .abc file exported DOES contain all objects (not just the selection, as specified), and does NOT contain the particles.

    Please advise me.

    Thank you.

    Copyright: MAXON Computer GmbH
        - Exports Alembic with custom settings.
    Class/method highlighted:
        - c4d.plugins.FindPlugin()
        - c4d.documents.SaveDocument()
        - Win / Mac
        - R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, S22
    import c4d
    def main():
        # Retrieves a path to save the exported file
        filePath ="Save File for Alembic Export", flags=c4d.FILESELECT_SAVE, force_suffix="abc")
        if not filePath:
        # Retrieves Alembic exporter plugin, 1028082, defined in R20.046 as FORMAT_ABCEXPORT
        abcExportId = 1028082 if c4d.GetC4DVersion() < 20046 else c4d.FORMAT_ABCEXPORT
        plug = c4d.plugins.FindPlugin(abcExportId, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_SCENESAVER)
        if plug is None:
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to retrieve the alembic exporter.")
        data = dict()
        # Sends MSG_RETRIEVEPRIVATEDATA to Alembic export plugin
        if not plug.Message(c4d.MSG_RETRIEVEPRIVATEDATA, data):
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to retrieve private data.")
        # BaseList2D object stored in "imexporter" key hold the settings
        abcExport = data.get("imexporter", None)
        if abcExport is None:
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to retrieve BaseContainer private data.")
        # Defines Alembic export settings
        abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] = True
        abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_PARTICLES] = True
        abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_PARTICLE_GEOMETRY] = True
        # Finally export the document
        if not c4d.documents.SaveDocument(doc, filePath, c4d.SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_DONTADDTORECENTLIST, abcExportId):
            raise RuntimeError("Failed to save the document.")
        print("Document successfully exported to:", filePath)
    if __name__ == '__main__':

  • Seems to be an initialization/ caching issue. I found 2 workarounds:

    1. Open the Alembic Export Dialog manually, then hit Cancel, before running the script.


    1. Toggle the state of each export setting in the script, as follows:
        abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] = False
        abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] = True

  • Hi @ivodow , thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your issue, I can't reproduce in S22.118 (S22 Service Pack1 HF2). Can you please provide info on your Cinema 4D environment? If your release matches the one above, can you share a simple scene to reproduce?

    Thanks, Riccardo