Solved Custom mouse icon, define touch point.

Hi all,

how can I set the coordinate of touch point of my custom icon?
I registered 2 png icons and it work as expected with GetCursorInfo.. but the touch point of my custom mouse cursor are in the center of bitmap. I would like to set it precise or my arrow don't work.

Thanks in advance

Hi @RenatoT please try to embed as much as possible information in your question (help us to help you).
Like in which context are you using GetCursorInfo, in which context are you executing your code? Where do you want to use this icon with a custom TouchPoint area?

In any case, I would say your option is pretty limited since I see no way to define the touchpoint of an icon or even a BitmapButtonCutomGui.

So the only solo possible way is to create your own GeUserArea embedded within your own GeDialog.
And in this GeUserArea, display a Background Picture and then in the GeUserArea.InputEvent function react to some area.

Then you can embedded this GeDialog where you want, but you cant use this icon everywhere as you could do with an icon (like in a palette, you will have to embed your dialog).

If you want an example one of my first plugins was actually that (It's open-source see PivorMaster).

Hope this help,

Hi Maxime,
thanks for reply. I'm in a ToolData plugin. The viewport is where I would like use a custom mouse cursor.

Anyway, i'll add my custom offset to the mouse coordinate to match the point from the center, as seem by default.