Creating a Script to Automatically Change Asset File Paths

  • Hi, I work between a Mac and PC and because of this, getting texture paths to work is less than ideal since both OS's don't use the same paths. I can reconnect the paths manually by going into the Project Asset Manager and doing a find and replace. But this can get tedious. Is there a way to automate this process with a script? So that it will detect the OS and change all relevant file locations to the correct ones? I know nothing about coding so any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi @ktheorin1, thanks for reaching out us and welcome to the Forum.

    To find all the assets in a given scene you can use the BaseDocument::GetAllAssetsNew() which returns you a list of dictionaries with all the assets contained in a document.

    The example below retrieves all the textures in the active document and append the string "_replaced" at the end of it

    def main():
        textures = list()
        # execute the GetAllAssetsNew for the current document
        c4d.documents.GetAllAssetsNew(doc, False, "", c4d.ASSETDATA_FLAG_TEXTURESONLY, textures)
        for t in textures:
            textureOwner = t["owner"]
            textureURL = maxon.Url(t["filename"])
            # get the texture suffix
            textureSuffix =  textureURL.GetSuffix()
            # remove the suffix from the URL
            # replace the name by adding the word "_replaced"
            textureURL.SetName(textureURL.GetName() + "_replaced")
            # set again the suffix to the URL
            #update the textureOwner parameter
            textureOwner[c4d.BITMAPSHADER_FILENAME] = textureURL.GetSystemPath()
        # notify Cinema about the changes

    It's also worthy having a look at the maxon::Url to handy manage the path of the retrieved textures.

    Cheers, R

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