gui.ColorDialog() offers no options

  • I believe this has been ever since R18 when the color chooser was updated. I am trying to use ColorDialog() to try to allow the user to pick a custom color to color their object. Nothing fancy, I just need a way to let the user choose whatever color they want. Right now, doing:


    Only gives me a tiny window, with a swatch and an eye dropper. No RGB, no nothing else. Is there a specific flag or something I need to pass in to get something more like when you click on the color swatch for an object color?

  • Hi @BretBays this is a mac issue, I've open a new bug report about it, on windows you get this when you call ColorDialog
    ea90922e-b39b-488e-862a-e07b0321e9f5-image.png .


  • And I should have opened my eyes previously, but c4d.POPUP_BELOW shouldn't be used but instead color=gui.ColorDialog(0).

    I will improve the python documentation n this regards, for more information see the c++ doc about GeColorChoose.

    So this is not a bug.

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