get bitmap of shader in r20

  • Hi,

    I'm working on r20, and I found I can't use BaseShader::BakeShaderIntoBaseBitmap() because it is a new feature in r21. Trying find a way around, I want to extract the bitmap of the layer shader. However, my code does not work.

    BaseBitmap* diffuseBitmap ;
    GeData gd;
    BaseShader* shader = bm->GetChannel(CHANNEL_DIFFUSION)->GetShader();
    if (shader->GetType() == Xlayer) {
        LayerShader* layerShader = static_cast<LayerShader*>(shader); 
        LayerShaderLayer* layerShaderLayer = layerShader->GetFirstLayer();
        while (layerShaderLayer != NULL)
            if (layerShaderLayer->GetType() == LayerType::TypeShader)
    	    Bool res = layerShaderLayer->GetParameter(LAYER_S_PARAM_SHADER_LINK, gd);
    	    // diffuseBitmap = layerShaderLayer->GetPreview(); // this does not work, too!
    	    BaseLink *bl = gd.GetBaseLink(); // program stop here, and I can't see why
    	    BaseShader *thisShader = static_cast<BaseShader*>(bl->GetLinkAtom(bd));
    	    diffuseBitmap = thisShader->GetBitmap();
    	layerShaderLayer = layerShaderLayer->GetNext();
        // ...
    ShowBitmap(diffuseBitmap); // can't see anything here when using 'layerShaderLayer->GetPreview()'
    diffuseBitmap->Save(fn, FILTER_JPG, nullptr, SAVEBIT::NONE); // fail when using 'GetPreview()'

    Could anyone kindly explain where I am doing wrong? Thanks a lot!

  • Hi,

    what is wrong with BaseShader::Sample? BakeShaderIntoBaseBitmap is probably only a convenience wrapper around that method. For your program "stoping" (this is a quite broad description), have you ensured, that your BaseLink is actually populated and does not just return the null pointer?


  • Thank you for your reply, the BaseShader::Sample() helps me solve this problem. (Except that when the layer shader use transform layer, scale transformation is not automatically handled.) Anyway, thanks a lot!

  • Hi @hazzzel thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your question, please consider that you might have to attach a VolumeData to the InitRenderStruct.

    For this scope please have a look at:

    Best, R.

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