Solved GetRad() and GetMp() for Selected Points?


Normally, GetRad() and GetMp is for the whole object.
Is there an equivalent for only selected points?

My use case is to create an FFD deformer that fits exactly where all the selected points sit.
This is to avoid manually adjusting the FFD.



no, I do not think there is, you can either:

  1. Add the vertices in question to a new PointObject, then let Cinema crunch on it (you might have to execute the cache pass on the object, I am not sure about this) and finally use the build in methods to get the bounding box vector.
  2. Or, and this is definitely the more sane solution and probably also even in Python the faster one, simply compute the bounding box yourself. You have just to loop over all vertices and find the minima and maxima for each component (i.e. x, y, z) and the average of the absolute of these two values is then the respective component of the bounding box vector.


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Thanks for the response. I was able to compute the bounding box as you mentioned. I went with the #2 route.
Though I have problem with creating the FFD deformer, but that would be for another thread.