Solved Splinefield radius reset to 0 when using takes

What i do:

  • Create a plain effector
  • Create a spline
  • Use spline as falloff ( Curve / Radius )
  • Set a radius
  • Create a Take
  • Set another radius
  • Switch takes.

Version affected : 20 & 21 can't test 22 because i didn't have an developer version and no active subscription.


this is all pretty standard stuff if I am not overlooking something. You also want to show us what you got so far. While short is good, your posting is a bit too short, at least for my taste ;).


MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi @pyr I don't think there is anything related to the SDK and its a Cinema 4D bug so I invite you to post it on

On the contrary, if you experience this bug only via a script please post your script here so we can help you.