Solved SnapCore and Intersect

Hi all,
I tried the code described in this thread:
This code inside the liquitool example work as expected.
But if i try to use SnapCore::Intersect instead SnapCore::Snap, to get the normal at point, this code don't work.

This is the line that I changed to:
if (snap->Intersect(pos, norm, false, res)) instead if (snap->Snap(pos, res))

Seem that the intersection don't work anymore.

Any help?
Thanks in advance
Renato T.

Real mx = msg.GetReal(BFM_INPUT_X);
Real my = msg.GetReal(BFM_INPUT_Y);
LONG button;
switch (msg.GetLong(BFM_INPUT_CHANNEL))
    case BFM_INPUT_MOUSELEFT : button=KEY_MLEFT; break;
    case BFM_INPUT_MOUSERIGHT: button=KEY_MRIGHT; break;
    default: return TRUE;
AutoAlloc<SnapCore> snap;  // Allocate snap
if (!snap) return FALSE;
snap->Init(doc, bd);
Real dx, dy;
BaseContainer bc;
BaseContainer device;
Vector pos;
SnapResult res;
BaseObject *active = doc->GetActiveObject();
while (win->MouseDrag(&dx,&dy,&device)==MOUSEDRAGRESULT_CONTINUE) // Start drag
    // Increment mouse position during drag
    mx += dx;
    my += dy;
    pos = bd->SW(Vector(mx, my, 500)); // Update pos
    if (snap->Snap(pos, res)) // If point snap anywhere 
        pos +=; // Pos will be updated with snapped delta
    if (active)
        active->SetAbsPos(pos); // Set the object position to the new one!
win->MouseDragEnd(); // Reset viewport status

Seem that the normal is returned by SnapCore::Snap in SnapResult::mat.v2. I'm verifying

Hi @RenatoT, I don't think there is an issue,

just in case Intersect is supposed to work only for guide and spline see Modeling Settings - Intersection Snap. So maybe you are looking for GeRayCollider::Interesct.


Hi Maxime. Thanks for reply. At last I used the BVHTree for that.