Get Active Timeline Request

I've been trying to develop tools for the Timeline and would like to determine if a key is selected in an F-Curve timeline. It appears that this is very difficult because there is no method for determining the active Timeline. Unless this exists and I'm unaware, I'd like to request this for the SDK please as I believe it would be very helpful for Animation Timeline plugins.

This is an issue originally brought up in this post.
How to Get the Selected Keyframes in Active Timeline/FCurve Manager

Thank you!

Hi @blastframe, thanks for reaching out us.

I confirm that there's no handy way - considering how flexible the timeline is - to immediately identify which Timeline is currently active. However, given the consensus about the lack of this feature, I'll file an idea request to our development team.

Best, R

@r_gigante Thank you!!

This has come up again when using LLAN's Anitools. In this plugin, the 'Select Object' command only works on the Timeline in the Animate layout, not Timeline(2).

(timecode 1:54)

I really hope your team decides to implement this very useful feature! :pray:

@blastframe Hello, Anitools actually supports switching Timeline, but the user needs to manually select which Timeline to use.

At the earliest I used a command menu to switch. .

In the v1.05 version of Anitools, I added a panel to switch the Timeline window.

The method used in my FreeEase plugin is also good. If the UI of the plug-in is not too complicated, using ComboBox to switch is a good solution.

While I do feel your solution is making the best of the current situation, I don't think most users will understand the difference between Timeline & Timeline(2), so animation plugins will appear broken until this is implemented in the SDK. I do hope this is high on the priority list for possible new features. Thank you, SDK team!

Indeed a better sdk will be better.
I actually also hope that sdk can recognize which parameters of the object are activated in the object manager.
I know that because c4d supports opening multiple object managers at the same time, this is really convenient.
But it will also make it impossible to know which object manager the user is using, so there is no way to identify it in the current SDK.