Solved problem with loading plugin in

hello! i try to start cinema 4d, auto-load scene with script and auto-start render-exporter. i wrote this simple script to do it:

import c4d
def main():
if __name__=='__main__':

works fine, but i found that if scene contains plugin "Signal", i get message "several plugins used in this project are missing (Signal)". another plugins of this scene load fine. what am I doing wrong?

thank you!

Hi @wob please make use of Q&A Functionaility and tagging system for the next time see How to post Question.
Moreover, the is called before any plugin registration as stated in the documentation see
So your best bet is probably to have a PluginMessage and check for C4DPL_STARTACTIVITY.

Regarding your question, this means you open a scene(LoadFile does it) but in this file, there is one plugin called signal ( which is not installed on your Cinema 4D version, so Cinema 4D advertise you that the scene may not work as expected.


@m_adam it's strange, but this small script works fine without any problems with cinema 4d s22. cinema 4d r20 show this error only.