Sizing Plugin Dialogs

  • Hello,
    In a previous post, How to open a GeDialog Modal to default width & height? the solution to the defaultw/defaulth bug for a script Modal was to pass the pluginid. I am trying this solution with a Command Plugin and I'm not getting the specified sizes for either window. I thought maybe it has to do with the subid but my Main Dialog isn't behaving either.

    Here is some test code I'm using:

    import c4d
    from c4d import documents, gui, plugins
    PLUGIN_ID = 1055306 #test id
    ANOTHER_DLG_ID = 5000
    class AnotherDlg(gui.GeDialog):
        MY_TEXT = 1000
        def CreateLayout(self):
            self.SetTitle("Another Dialogue")
            self.AddStaticText(self.MY_TEXT, c4d.BFH_CENTER | c4d.BFH_SCALE,
                               name="Another Dialog",inith=40)
            return True
    class MyDlg(gui.GeDialog):
        MY_BUTTON = 1000
        def __init__(self):
            global anotherDialog
            self.anotherDialog = AnotherDlg()
        def CreateLayout(self):
            self.AddButton(self.MY_BUTTON, c4d.BFH_CENTER | c4d.BFH_SCALE | c4d.BFV_CENTER | c4d.BFV_SCALE, initw=0, inith=0, name="Open Dialog")
            return True
        def Command(self, id, msg):
            if id == self.MY_BUTTON:
                self.anotherDialog.Open(c4d.DLG_TYPE_MODAL, pluginid=PLUGIN_ID, subid=ANOTHER_DLG_ID, xpos=-2, ypos=-2, defaultw=600, defaulth=150)
            return True
        def Restore(self, pluginid, secref):
            if secref['subid'] == ANOTHER_DLG_ID:
                return self.anotherDialog.Restore(pluginid, secref)
                return super(MyDlg, self).Restore(pluginid, secref)
    class MyData(c4d.plugins.CommandData):
        dialog = None
        def Execute(self, doc):
            if self.dialog is None:
                self.dialog = MyDlg()
                global myDlg
                myDlg = self.dialog
            return myDlg.Open(dlgtype=c4d.DLG_TYPE_ASYNC, xpos=-2, ypos=-2,
                pluginid=PLUGIN_ID, defaultw=700, defaulth=300)
        def RestoreLayout(self, sec_ref):
            if self.dialog is None:
                self.dialog = MyDlg()
                global myDlg
                myDlg = self.dialog
            return myDlg.Restore(pluginid=PLUGIN_ID, secref=sec_ref)
    if __name__ == "__main__":

    Here are the results:
    Annotation 2020-06-23 144536.png

    The Main Dialog (DLG_TYPE_ASYNC) is 324x51 and the secondary dialog (DLG_TYPE_MODAL) is 324x100. This is making layout difficult.

    Can anyone please help me to get these to open to the specified sizes? Thank you!

    I'm thinking that the Main Dialog cannot be resized as it is DLG_TYPE_ASYNC. The secondary Dialog is taking the width from the last dragged dimensions of the Main Dialog.

    I'm not sure if this is correct, but I was able to get the dimensions I needed for the secondary GeDialog by giving it a unique PLUGIN_ID and removing the subid (code below).

    self.anotherDialog.Open(c4d.DLG_TYPE_MODAL, pluginid=ANOTHER_DLG_ID, xpos=-2, ypos=-2, defaultw=600, defaulth=450)

    Do I need to create a unique PLUGIN_ID for every GeDialog or is there another way?

  • Hi @blastframe thanks for writing us.

    Yes, as stated in your second post having unique ids for the different dialog is the safer way to prevent unexpected behavior like the one reported initially. Tested successfully (both main (async) dialog and modal dialog were correctly sized and placed on mac and windows) I also confirm there's no need to specify the subid.

    Best, R

  • Hi @r_gigante, thank you for the reply!

    With regards to the DLG_TYPE_ASYNC, the GeDialog size has not always worked consistently for me. Is Cinema 4D storing information for when the Async GeDialogs have been resized? If so, is there a way to clear this preference? Thanks!

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