How to adress the mograph cloner offset in the attached python code please :)

  • import c4d
    def main():
        global traveled
        global lastPos
        obj = op.GetObject()
        objMat = obj.GetMg()
        frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps())
        forwardVec = objMat.MulV(c4d.Vector(1.0, 0.0, 0.0))
        sign = 1.0
        try: lastPos
        except NameError:
            lastPos = obj.GetMg().off
        try: traveled
        except NameError:
            traveled = 0
        if frame == 0:
            traveled = 0
            lastPos =
            currentPos =
            # calculate actual movement
            distVec = currentPos - lastPos
            dotProd = distVec.Dot(forwardVec)
            if dotProd > 0: sign = -1.0
            projVec = forwardVec * dotProd
            dist = projVec.GetLength()
            lastPos = currentPos
            traveled = traveled + sign * dist
        # find the material
        mat = obj.GetTag(c4d.Ttexture)
        mat[c4d.TEXTURETAG_OFFSETX] = traveled / 500.0
        # the factor depends on the texture and the obje

    Hello, how to adress the Mograph cloner offset (cloner is set to object (spline) and i want just to edit the part in the code

    mat[c4d.TEXTURETAG_OFFSETX] = traveled / 500.0

    and make it work, but i am affraid i will need to edit more, for example to find the object. I am noob about python or any language, so could you help me someone please :)

  • Hi @Ofcourse88 welcome in the plugincafe community

    I didn't understand what's your problem, can you try to explain what you exactly want to do, and in which context are you (script editor, Python generator, python tag?)

    If you want to change the Mograph Cloner offset parameter value, then doing

    op[c4d.MG_SPLINE_OFFSET] = 0.5

    Will set the currently selected cloner to 0.5.

    To know parameter id, you can use the console for more information see Console - Drag and Drop.


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