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  • Is it possible to delete an Xpresso node using Python within a Redshift material? I am baking an object and when I move it to a new scene file, the user data parameters referenced inside the node are broken so I would like to remove the node.Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 6.40.34 AM.png

  • Hi @Swinn, thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your question, once you've retrieved the root from the GvNodeMaster, you can traverse the shader graph and considering that a GvNode inherits from a BaseList2D and consequently from GeListNode you can delete it by calling GeListNode::Remove().

    Assuming this graph the code below deletes the noise node just by looking, for the sake of simplicity, at its name.

        activeMat = doc.GetActiveMaterial()
        if activeMat is not None and activeMat.GetType() != 1036224:
            print "Active material is not a RedShift one"
        outputNode = activeMat[c4d.REDSHIFT_GRAPH_NODES]
        if outputNode is None:
            print "Output node is not valid"
        gvMaster = outputNode.GetNodeMaster()
        if gvMaster is None:
            print "NodeMaster is not valid"
        gvRoot = gvMaster.GetRoot()
        if gvRoot is None:
            print "Root node is invalid"
        currentNode = gvRoot.GetDown()
        while currentNode is not None:
            if currentNode.GetName() = "RS Noise":
            currentNode = currentNode.GetNext()
        print "Node removed"

    Best, Riccardo

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