Solved Cinema 4D R20 plugin's conflict with Redshift

My plugin is conflicting with Redshift 3.0.20. Cinema 4D loads infinitely until i disable Redshift, then it loads and plugin works.
alt text
Commandline.exe doesn't show any error, each plugin loaded.
Project was compiled with Visual Studio 2017 v141 std17 in Release, Windows 10. Plugin has it's own unique ID from plugincafe.
How can i find out where conflicting part is?


It's gonna be a bit hard without more information :)

You can manually launch Cinema 4D using the parameter g_console=true and check if you got some information there.

See this link to have some informations about how to add this parameter.

Other than that, I think Redshift 3.0.20 is still in beta, maybe you should ask on the beta forum there also.

What kind of plugin are you creating ? Do you have any external dependencies (like QT?)


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@m_magalhaes No other dependencies. Plugin type is deformer.
Yes, i should probably ask it on Redshift forum. Thanks for reply!