Python Tag not updating (The Sequel)

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    Where to I pass the str variable in the code? I do not see the place for it. Thanks.

  • Hi @Swinn could you post your code?

  • import c4d
    import maxon
    def message(msg_type, data):
        if msg_type == c4d.MSG_NOTIFY_EVENT:
            event_data = data['event_data']
            msg_id = event_data['msg_id']
            if msg_id == c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_POSTSETPARAMETER:
                desc_id = event_data['msg_data']['descid']
                if desc_id[1].id == 2398: # The ID of the User Data
                    txt = "Swinn"
                    pythonLogger = maxon.Loggers.Python()
                    pythonLogger.Write(maxon.TARGETAUDIENCE.ALL, txt, maxon.MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION(1), maxon.WRITEMETA.UI_SYNC_DRAW)
                    mtx =  op.GetObject().GetMg()
           = + c4d.Vector(10,0,0)
    def main():
        obj = op.GetObject()
        # Check if we already listen for message
        if not obj.FindEventNotification(doc, op, c4d.NOTIFY_EVENT_MESSAGE):
            obj.AddEventNotification(op, c4d.NOTIFY_EVENT_MESSAGE, 0, c4d.BaseContainer())
    if __name__=='__main__':

  • Here in the latest S22 it's working as it should, and print Swinn to the console, on which version are you?

    Moreover what I was referring to is the LogerInterface.Write require a maxon.String, by convenience, if the passed data is a str (python Type) it will create on the fly a maxon.String, but if you pass another kind of data type, this will not be converted to a string even if there is a possible string representation, so you need to transform your datatype to a str the usual way is by doing str(YourData) so in our example, it will give us

    txt = c4d.Vector()
    pythonLogger = maxon.Loggers.Python()
    pythonLogger.Write(maxon.TARGETAUDIENCE.ALL, str(txt), maxon.MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION(1), maxon.WRITEMETA.UI_SYNC_DRAW)


  • I am on R20.

  • Sorry, I should have spotted it earlier, this issue is solved in R21.

    So, unfortunately, I don't have any workaround for you.

  • Ah! Okay. Thanks. :)

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