Solved Tracer and User Date

Hi, I have a scene that uses a Tracer with a null containing User Data that makes changes to how the Tracer interacts with the objects it is tracing. When I make changes to the User Data, the Tracer requires me to manually change Connect All Elements to Connect All Objects and then back to Connect All Elements for the changes to be reflected in the scene. Is there a way to force this 'refresh'? My file is 18MB so I can't upload it.

Also, when I open the scene, I have to perform these operations on the Tracer.

hi ,

This seems to be a priority issue, but i can't really reproduce it with my simple scene.
Could you zip your file and send it to us to [email protected] (zipping is really effective on .c4d files)


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I figured out the problem. I needed to assign the UD in Main.