UNSOLVED PluginsHelpDelegate Info

Hello! I want to implement help in my plugin. I found this topic Static Text Font/Size in Description Resource and tried the same but didn't have any result.
Here is my code:

static Bool PluginsHelpDelegate(const maxon::String& opType, const maxon::String& baseType, const maxon::String& group, const maxon::String& property)
	ApplicationOutput("help entry");
	return GeOpenHTML("https://Mysite.my/myplugin#"_s + property);

Bool PluginStart()
	RegisterPluginHelpDelegate(ID_MAINPLUGIN, PluginsHelpDelegate);
	if (!RegisterMainPlugin())
		return false;
	return true;

I don't even have output help entry in console. I didn't find any info related to how properly use this and i will appreciate if someone would suggest me.


What version of cinema4D are you testing that on ?
There was some changes in R21 and i want to be sure i'm testing it with the right version.

The really important thing with R21 and S22 is that your function must return true ONLY if your plugins is concern. Otherwise you MUST return false.
If you return true, the cinema4D help function will not be called and you really blocked the c4d help system.

You need to check opType to be sure it's your plugin.

But for me a simple output in the console is working fine.

You should check the returned value of RegisterPluginHelpDelegate to be sure it has registered correctly.


@m_magalhaes Thanks for your reply! I should do it both for R20 and R21/S22. Code above was tested in R21. Is there any major differences in use between R20 and R21?

@m_magalhaes I tried to do same code in R20 and it worked as you said. So what is the difference and how to make it work in R21?

@m_adam maybe you know how to do it in R21? I still need to solve it. Register returns true in R21 but don't even writes output in console.


there's nothing more to do in R21/S22, you should maybe post your project to see if there's something wrong.