Render to texture transfer for C4D

  • Finally had time to release the plugin.
    I started this project a long time ago, and its still not perfect but i'm using it with almost every project.
    I'm not a scripting wonder, it took me way more time then I wanted, therefor it's for sell, and not for free.
    Available for: R18, R19, R20, R21.

    Bake renders to textures
    Bake the render output directly onto a new mesh, or the same mesh.
    Because we are working with a boundary, anything that falls within will be baked.
    This even allows you to bake a displacement, or hairs as a texture.
    Full tutorial can be watched in this post or here on YouTube:
    Its a rather boring video sorry..
    In this (3 minute) video make a bake from start to finish, and go over the pro's and con's.

    Functionalities are:

    • Bake HDRI’s.
    • Bake Hires to low res.
    • Bake Hires onto itself (Can be done with no limitations).
    • Bake Hires onto itself with new UV map.
    • Low-res to new low-res with new UV layout.
    • Displacement, hairs, textures.
    • You get the point..

    Limitations are:

    • Not good with 90 degree corners.
    • Low poly mesh has to be simple and smooth.
    • Some hand clean up is necessary. (complex meshes)

    Small bug:

    • The undo function (Ctrl+Z) doesn't work properly. So please work in a new scene when baking.

    Hi-res to low-res
    alt text
    Even when the render does not use UV’s, you can simply transfer the data over to a new map.

    Redshift to texture
    alt text
    You can do the same for any Redshift renders by baking them first onto itself with ‘Redshift bakeset’ and to a new model / new uv layout with ‘render to texture’.

    alt text
    You do need to convert it to pollies and use a non hair material, but it works great! Creating alphas is also not a problem. This scene and tutorial video will be included in the download.

    Transfer texture to new model
    alt text
    An extreme example is to go from a cube to a sphere, obviously this would look very weird but it's possible. Therefore you can bake literally anything as a HDRI.

    Anything to a HDRI
    alt text
    When you bake using a sphere as a boundary you can turn anything into an hdri.

    Let me know what you think.


    For those who signed up a year ago, a discount code is on its way.

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