Solved GeUserArea ActivateFading and AdjustColor

Was wondering how the GeUserArea functions ActivateFading and AdjustColor are supposed to be used. Didn't find any example, nor does the documentation clearly explain when and where the perform the call.

Does the ActivateFading needs to be called when mouse hovers over the GeUserArea, detected with BFM_GETCURSORINFO in GeUserArea::Message?
And needs the ActivateFading be called again related to BFM_CURSORINFO_REMOVE?
Do we then have some kind of "fade in" and "fade out"? Or is there only a single fading?
How to distinguish between fade in and fade out? Since the AdjustColor sets the blend colorS for fading I assume there is a color to fade in to, and one to fade out to? Or is it fade from - to?

And then the AdjustColor arguments: an Int32 while the document mentions COLOR. Documentation just leads to an enum when clicking on the link. How to provide an appropriate value?

What about the float percentage value? Is it between 0.0 and 1.0 or between 0.0 and 100.0?
"Percentage" doesn't say much.

So many questions.


Ah, the BFM_FADE message ...
Thanks for the link.

What if one would want to use a GeClipMap for drawing in the GeUserArea, how to handle the resulting fading? How to access the color components, since the COLOR id used via the AdjustColor can not be used.

Can you access the color using GeUserArea::GetColorRGB()?

Yup ... it's official, I need glasses on top of my glasses.

Thanks for pointing it out.