Solved Incorrect File structure

I just received Incorrect file structure error as soon as I saved and c4d shut down after some heavy load of volume progressive rendering. Now I don't know what to do. It pains me to even think of starting over again. Are there any solutions to this?


you are probably in the wrong place here. This is a development forum and not a general support forum. You might want to contact Maxon's general customers support. But I am not sure if they can help you, because it sounds like you are using some kind of third party plugin, because I think the Cinema has no dedicated ray-marcher / volume render engine out of the box (but I might not be up to date on this topic).


MAXON SDK Specialist

Hi @Sadiik , thanks for reaching out us.

As already pointed out by @zipit , please refer to Maxon Support to pose questions not development-related.

Best, R