Cinema 4D S22 Bevel tool issues.

Hello guys,

I hope you are doing well!

I started working with S22 a couple of days ago and I've noticed there is an issu with bevel tool in solid mode default mitering. I have attached an image to show you what the problem is. I used the same object and Bevel tool values in both c4d versions and definitely something is not working right with the new S22.

Could you help me with that, please?

Many thanks in advance.

C4D S22 ISSUE.jpg

This is a known bug. Since S22 is early access, you probably have to wait for the next update.

By the way, this is a forum regarding the SDK and plugin development.
Your inquiry should have been sent directly to the Maxon support.


Thank you for your reply, Robert, much appreciated!

I knew I wouldn't be the first one discovering it, good to know they already know it.

And sorry for asking that on this thread, I wasn't sure where I should send bugs directly to the Maxon support.


Hi @Muokkaa, unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce, so I suggest you send a bug report with a file to the user support

This forum is about SDK and plugin development for Cinema 4D, no general Cinema 4D support.

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