UNSOLVED Save width and height of Dialog

return self.dialog.Open(dlgtype=c4d.DLG_TYPE_ASYNC, pluginid=PLUGIN_ID, xpos=-2, ypos=-2, defaultw=760, defaulth=450)

does anyone know if it is possible every time I open my layout, it has the same "defaultw" and "defaulth" ?

because as a default when I change manually and after opening it again, the change you make is saved

Hi @pyxelrigger thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your question, I'm a bit confused cause you mentioned having your layout opened every time with a default width and height (regardless of the values stored in the layout) whilst, on the contrary, you pasted a method belonging to GeDialog::Open().

Question: is a dialog or a layout to open every time with a default width and height?

Cheers, R