Calling C4D via command line to find prefs folder

  • Is there a flag that can be passed to Cinema 4D via the Commandline to retrieve its preferences folder?

    Just looking at options for creating an installer that installs directly to the users prefs/plugins folder on both windows and osx.


  • Hi,

    I am not aware of any command line arguments, but have you considered using c4dpy? Either for the whole installer or just for retrieving the the plugin paths.


  • Hi @kbar, there is nothing built-in to know the current preference folder.
    If it's about where to install a plugin, Cinema 4D offers le liberty to choose whatever folder the user wants in the Cinema 4D preference, and this should be the option prioritized.

    But regarding your request as @zipit said, if you can run c4dpy then you can retrieve it directly from it otherwise, the algorithm to generate the pref folder path given a Cinema 4D folder is exposed in retrieves_temp_folder_r17.


  • Thanks @zipit @m_adam.

    I will take a look at c4dpy and your link also Maxime.


  • Hi,

    without further feedback, I'll set this thread as solved tomorrow.


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